What is the Future of the Warehouse?

WarehouseWhat’s the warehouse industry going to look like over the next several years? CSSI expects it to look quite different due to new technologies and new ways of thinking about space and work flow. Today’s warehouse workers face a number of challenges, including the demand for high-speed mobile communication devices in-house and out in the field. As bigger spaces and facilities are built, and customers demand personalization (increasing the number of SKUs), the time has come to move into the future.

To add to these trials, warehouses are facing new rules for more accurate product tracing and tracking. Warehouses are also getting closer to the customer, due to the move to re-shoring and omnichannel transactions. Manufacturers must be more efficient so that they can please these customers in all areas.

So what does this look like in the future? To be frank, warehouses must be converted what they are today into assets for competitive differentiation. The warehouse should no longer act purely as a cost center in which operational focus is almost solely on determining and “fixing” inaccuracies and inefficiencies in order picking. Instead, it must change into a powerful asset that can drive profitable growth for the business by improving outbound, storage and inbound material handling.

The reality today is that most warehouse operations act as their own “islands” of information. Moving forward, the warehouse should link, consolidate and integrate the Warehouse Management System (WMS) with the Yard Management System (YMS), Transportation Management System and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). By linking these systems, you can remove inefficient information silos and promote recognition and collaboration across the entire warehousing process and encouraging a more synchronized and agile supply chain.

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